Be A Mensch


The goal of Be A Mensch is to foster unity in Israeli society by facilitating positive relationships between religious and secular youth, who heretofore have had no contact with the Charedi community or Torah observance, to religious youth in an organized manner to promote understanding leading to Jewish unity.

A recent study of Israeli, performed earlier this year, noted that 65 percent of respondents ranked the charedi-secular as “the most pressing today.” That compares to less than 18 percent and 14 percent respectively who think the Arab-Israeli conflict or the Right-Left conflict is what most challenges us

Far too many religious youth and secular youth are clueless about the other, therefore develop their world views about each other based on negative headlines and hyperbole.

Our challenge is to establish rapport with half-a-million secular high school students and your group members, who are being groomed as the future leaders in Israeli society. The Israeli Ministry of Education has recognized Be A Mensch, inviting us to bring our program to every secular public high school in the country. This entails increasing our modest budget of $150,000 this year to reach an additional 40 schools.

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Give Children a Safer and Happier Childhood

Give Children a Safer and Happier Childhood

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