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About Us


Degel Ami

With a combined experience of more than two score years, Degel Ami has been blessed with the privilege of connecting generous donors to worthy recipients in support of the Jewish Nation, focusing on the fields of education, culture, physical and spiritual health, and Israel. In addition to connecting donors to nonprofit recipients, Degel Ami also can facilitate tax deductible transfers of funds to the intended partner.

Meet the Team

 Degel Ami, founded by Aaron Pollack ז”ל and Eliyon Shemesh, is the result of almost two decades of dedicated work of two friends and partners who had a very special relationship that was built on Torah and Chesed. We are successful for our clients because, “We have a lot of important work to do for Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and Torat Yisrael,” as Aaron said in one of his last messages.

Degel Ami

Eliyon Shemesh


Eliyon Shemesh, CEO, always sees the half-empty glass as becoming full, even when there is less than half present. His optimism has propelled his success in Philanthropy, as well as music and business revenue generation, though a reasoned, pragmatic approach toward growth planning and execution.

Experience and skilled in the areas of fundraising for nonprofits and business resource development, Eliyon has more than two decades bringing people together for causes of formal and informal education, youth at risk, human health, emotional, food and housing, spirituality, and quality of life needs.

With two decades in the nonprofit sector, Nathaniel Warshay, Senior Consultant, has helped to raise more than $85 million for homelessness and other human services programs, academic excellence, healthcare and medical research, capital grants, and Jewish causes. Nathaniel, who has worked on three continents, has worked both sides of the grants table, having recommended approximately $60 million for funding.

A licensed social worker, Nathaniel has worked in organizational development, including accreditation, strategic planning (and implementation), program development, inter-agency networking and coalition building, and developing and implementing qualitative and quantitative research studies. He held executive- and senior-level positions for more than 15 years in human services, academia, and healthcare. As executive director of a housing agency, he quadrupled the budget size from $850,000 to nearly $3.5 million, increasing programs and services for housing- and food-insecure families and individuals.

He has been university adjunct professor or field instructor for 18 years. He also has been published academically, as well as journalistically, working domestically and overseas.

Nathaniel Warshay

Senior Consultant

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